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Cold weather on the horizon means it's time to hunker down for some family time spent indoors. While there's certainly a time and place for vegging out on the couch for a movie marathon, there's nothing wrong with putting your kiddos' brains to work for a few afternoons. Fortunately, Ravensburger's just released an enormous "Mickey Through the Years" puzzle, and yep, it'll keep your kids busy for potentially 600 hours, according to the manufacturer. The gigantic jigsaw is actually the world's largest Mickey Mouse puzzle — when completed, it's 22 feet long and over six feet tall. For a masterpiece of that size, there's bound to be a ton of pieces, right? How does the number 40,320 sit with you? Yup, that's a lot of pieces. Ravensburger's Mickey Through the Years Puzzle retails for $600 and has 10 panels filled with images of your favorite mouse. It's recommended for kids 14 and up and is chock-full of other classic characters like Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. But don't, worry busy parents: the puzzle can be broken down into its individual panels, so you won't have pieces scattered all over your carpet for the rest of the foreseeable future. Read through to get an in-depth look at each of the playful panels.

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